Rory Callahan

Race: Human
Age: 32
Nationality: Irish
Job: Pilot


Rory Callahan is the third child out of nine to his Irish catholic parents Patrick and Niamh Callahan. He grew up in a medium sized house in scenic Kilarney sandwiched in with his mostly red headed siblings, in order;

Cameron (brother), aged 35 successful journalist in Dublin.
Seamus (brother), aged 34 wildlife photographer for the National Geographic. Current location unknown.
Roisin (sister), aged 30 Lieutenant in the Navy.
Caitlin (sister), aged 29 housewife in Kilarney.
Connor and Jack, aged 25, Connor is struggling to make his way as a jazz musician in Dublin and Jack is actually managing to make his way as a conceptual artist. The twins support each other and still live a wild batchelor life.
and finally,
Orla, aged 18 Orla was a bit of a final 'accident' and Niamh's last child before menopause. She is still in school with a passion to be following big brother and personal hero Rory into the heady world of piloting.

Rory had a fairly easy childhood of fun and pranks with his siblings. He, of course, ran into a bit of trouble with the local constabulary now and then and made his mother's hair turn grey a few decades early! He joined the Navy purely out of a lack of any want to do anything else with his life. He fell into piloting training during an aptitude test at initiation and has never looked back since.

Rory, despite a rather unprofessional attitude and several 'issues' with commanding officers, has an impressive military record. The height of his career was achieving a medal of high valour during a rather hair raising event in his final years in the Navy. Something had gone horribly wrong with his sister ship 'The George W Bush' and she had crashed spectacularly but not before doing some serious damage to the ship Rory was piloting. The ship Rory was on, 'Sputnik IV' had spun horribly out of control and looked to be going the same way as the W, but due to a spectacular feat of Rory's skill and confidence he had managed to save the ship and all aboard. Rory always suspected sabotage but it was never proved.

A few months later Rory was discharged honourably from the Navy. Although his actions had saved many lives, his overconfident flair was deemed just too risky for Navy work. He went on to find a much more enjoyable and less regimented life working in commercial piloting.

As for women, Rory would never tell, but he did once have a very serious relationship. When he was 19 he met, and feel deeply in love with a fellow classmate named Megan. She was everything he wanted and for her, Rory settled down and stopped with the jokes and endless partying. They were together for two years and Rory was about to propose, ring in hand, when Megan left him for another man. After this Rory returned to his playboy lifestyle in earnest and upped the ante even further, trying hard not to look back.



Words that describe Rory Callahan. Insatiable, Overconfident, Sexy, Hilarious, Inappropriate, Hellraiser.

Rory Callahan is quite the experience! He is a brilliant pilot, although a lot of that brilliance can be attributed to the fact that Rory believes he can do just about anything. Even if he can't. He flies by the seat of his pants a lot, he also flies without his pants a lot! Rory is the rogue of the Callahan clan.

Rory is a very easy going lad, he gets on with everybody even if he thinks they're a complete asswipe. Rather like his current captain, Rory is no good at being on his own. He get twitchy and fidgety and seems to be completely incapable of entertaining himself. He has an insatiable curiosity about anything and everything that catches his eye. Unfortunately this is twinned with a bit of a bad temper and he has started more than one bar side brawl over something that really shouldn't have been offensive.

As a person of habit Rory smokes a lot of the time and has adopted a phrase which he uses far more often than he really should. Hearing "Well fuck me blind and steal me gold!" is a pretty obvious indicator of precisely who it might be on the other side of that door! Nobody is really sure when Rory picked up that phrase, even Rory himself doesn't rightly know. Although he'll insist that he doesn't really say it THAT much.

Rory is a sexy man, despite being possessed of just about above average looks, and can be very charming. This is probably just as well as he is a bit of a lech. He loves the company of women and is pretty much guaranteed to hit on a lady if she happens to be just a little above the average cut. Or not even that if it's been a while!



Ben Matthews

Rory doesn't really do Best Friends in the way that normal people do. He picks up people as he needs them. And it's not that he uses people and throws them away, because Rory will give his life for his current best friend. And that man is Benjamin Matthews. Having connected during their time in the Navy Rory is chuffed to discover that they are very much cut from the same cloth, with just enough differences to make things entertaining.

Rory respects Ben a hell of a lot, and although he might question his Captain on one or more occasions he will never disobey a direct order given in that 'Captain voice.'

Julie Gustavson

Rory sees Julie as a little sister. Although often enough he won't act like it, he'll hit on her outrageously because it makes her uncomfortable, and also because he secretly suspects that she loves the attention. He'd be horrified if she even took him up on an offer though.

He wishes she'd grow a bit more of a backbone and develop her sassy side, and he's extremely frustrated that she lets her mother walk all over her. And so he's taken a step back in order to keep his sanity as she leaves the ship for a different career.


Rory acts a little cold towards Ricky, not that anyone would notice. Because Rory's idea of cold is the usual person's normal demeanor. But Rory blames Ricky for being slow when Megan almost died of gun shot wounds. He's not really spoken to anybody about it but he believes that things could have gone a lot differently, and even though Megan did not die in the end it all got a bit too close for comfort for Rory.

He'll still chat with the man, and he'll play rugby with him and share some drinks. But he will not go to him for councilling and occasionally can be caught eyeing him up in a deep kind of way.

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With the valiant death of his friend Steven, Rory is just coming out of a very black period of self destructive drinking and flashes of volatile temper. He firmly believes that with a decent bit of jiggery and some good flying that he could have gotten the ex marine out of there. And nothing anyone says will change this guilt heaping belief. Still, he's Rory Callahan and Rory never stays down for too long, not even after Megan. So he hides his inner turmoil well, returning to his usual carousing levels and showing a sunnier face on board the ship in the hopes of making Julie's final weeks as a crew member on the Sparrow some good ones.

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