Maria Ivanovitch

Hailing from Moscow, Maria has recently joined the crew after being hired at the space station. As the new girl she is working to fit in, and is anxious to get some actual trips into space. She has previously worked at a bar in Moscov called Night Flight.

For a girl her age, Maria is perhaps a bit rougher around the edges than most. She at times has a foul mouth, and is not very ladylike. But she has a good heart. She has shown herself as an able drinker, and is irritably perky after a night on the town.

Maria works well with other people, and prefers the company to solitude. Although she at times might act like she is annoyed by people who can do nothing right, she would much rather be with people who slightly annoy her, than alone.

She has a tattoo of four cats on her left shoulder, and an online degree in spaceship engineering, and a taser she calles Tatiana.

She regurlarly gets mistaken for 17, when she in fact is 25.

At the moment she is installing a samovar run in the engine room. She also likes baking. Her favourite cartoon is "Prostranstvo Poiska" (The Space Surfer) and she subscribes to several magazines, including "Soldier of Fortune: Space", "The New Frontiersman", "Fuison Fantastic" and "Stellar Starships".

Maria has a fairly impressive looking blue space suit/armour with a cartoonish look, and an old revolver. When traveling she always carries one large piece of luggage.

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