Kanashii Shinnurmi

Race: Vilani Human
Age: 52, but looks in her 20s by Terran standards
Job: Diplomat and translator

Pretty lady. A bit short and stocky, as Vilanis are. Can pull off any outfit and make it look awesome. Recently upgraded to Julie's personal designer. She's an excellent people person even with Terrans despite her obvious Vilani heritage, and most often is the one who interacts with, and takes care of, any passengers The Sparrow might take on.

Nicknamed "Connie" by the crew members due to her exotic name. She is currently teaching Ben the Vilani language, and Julie has shown interest in the same.

More than one Terran has shown scepticism towards her, some even claiming she could be a spy for the Vilani Empire. She has taken such accusations in stride so far.

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