Julie Gustavsson

Race: Human
Date of birth: March 12, 2140
Nationality: Swedish
Job: Engineer, Scientist


Her earliest memory is that of going fishing with her father. As a little girl, Julie loved everything about nature and outdoor activities; fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting for berries and mushrooms. Never hunting for animals, though. She didn't like the loud bangs the weapons made. At the age of 5, she already knew how to make a fire, set up camp, and catch fish. She knew which types of berries and mushrooms were eatable, and which were poisonous. She could use a compass, and unlike most little girls, she wasn't afraid of the dark. She might have grown up to be quite the outdoors sportsman type, guided by her father, if it hadn't been for the tragic event just a few months before her 7th birthday. In December 2146, her father suffered a work-related accident, and lost his life. Having no siblings, and no other family nearby, she was left alone with her mother to cope after their loss. However, Anna Maria Gustavsson did not cope very well. Five difficult years of neglect and abuse, in a home full of alcohol and drugs, followed for Julie, until her situation was discovered and she went to live with her great aunt in Stockholm at the age of 11.


By the time Julie moved to Stockholm, she'd forgotten most of her earlier childhood, and all the rural knowledges her father had taught her. The one thing she still remembered was the fishing, and she held on to that single memory as if it was the most important memory in the world. Except for the fishing, her interests moved away from such wildlife activities, and more towards scientific areas. Her favorite subjects in school started turning towards mathematics, electricity, chemistry, and computers. While she'd always been a highly intelligent pupil with top marks in all subjects, the teachers noticed her obvious interest in and talent for science, and encouraged her studies further. She was 14 years old when they started giving her problems and assignments from the university, which she solved with impressive ease. As she grew older, she continued to take on more subjects than usual at the university, and completing them faster than most. In the year 2162, when she was only 22 years old, she had several bachelor degrees and a couple of Masters, as she was headhunted by the military to come work for them as a scientist. As part of the job, she was allowed to continue her work towards a Ph.D. in engineering (space craft mechanics), which she finished only three years later, 25 years old.


Despite having the brains that would easily fit into any given geek society, Julie is not a nerd. Although she loves any scientific field of study, as well as her quirky hobbies, she's socially adept enough to recognize that most people doesn't. She's able to have conversations with normal people about normal topics, even if these might not always hold her interest for long. Julie is a shy, but kind person. She likes to keep to herself, but given pleasant company, she can be willing to sacrifice her privacy for a shorter or longer period of time. She's the quiet, polite type. However, there is one group of people that may experience her colder vibes; guys that blatantly attempt to hit on her, and particularly if part of their strategy is to get physical. She never gets violent, but becomes visibly uncomfortable, and will quickly excuse herself and withdraw. She doesn't trust easily, but once she does, she's the most loyal of friends. She likes people, even if she doesn't always understand why they do some of the things they do. She really doesn't like violence, and always does her best to keep away from trouble. She sometimes has trouble falling asleep at night. When she does, she will get up and bake or clean something. If the captain is on watch on the bridge at that time, she'll keep him company and pester him into playing his guitar.



Jonatan Strindberg

As far as anyone knows, Julie's only ever had one boyfriend. His name was Jonatan, a caring, outgoing and smart computer programmer who was in her study group at the university. She was 20 years old, he was 21. The relationship didn't last very long, only a few months. Julie explains this with the simple fact that "it just didn't work out" and that "he wanted more than I could give."

Sara Gustavsson

Julie's mother was a normal, caring woman in her younger days. However, when her died, she started drinking heavily, and gradually moving on to heavier drugs, as a way of coping with the loss. This lead to a horrible neglect of her daughter, and Julie has felt estranged to her mother ever since. When Julie moved to her great aunt at the age of 12, she was sorry about it, but mostly because she worried about how Sara would manage alone, without Julie to look after her. Julie's current relationship with her mother has up until recently been fragile, yet stable. However, after the recent events of Sara leaving the institution, moving to Amsterdam and going back on drugs, the relationship has become more more turbulent. After seeing her mother on drugs again for the first time in 19 years, she still reminds herself that mum only says the horrible things she does because she's ill and feels bad, and that she doesn't really mean it. Julie just had her mother imprisoned for credit card fraud, along with possession of illegal drugs, and feels bad about it, even though she did it to help. She feels helpless when it comes to her mother's condition, and doesn't quite know if she's done the right thing or not. Her mother's accusations about never being there for here, and always leaving the planet, has got her thinking that perhaps she should take a break from the ship, and find work at home instead.


Anna Maria Gustavsson

When Julie was 11 years old, her great aunt took her in and raised her with all the love and care she could ever wish for. With no other family members to help, Sten Gustavsson's old aunt decided to butt in the moment she realized the neglect that was going on by Julie's mother. She claimed custody for the child, and Sara Gustovsson didn't mind. Julie considers her great aunt more of a grandmother, and loves her more than anyone. During the last few years, Anna Maria's health has started failing her, due to old age, and she recently had to move to a nursing home as she couldn't take care of herself at home without help anymore. Still, there's nothing wrong with her head, and Julie enjoys visiting her as often as she can. When Anna Maria had to move, Julie insisted on her going to the finest private home in Stockholm. When Anna Maria argued she couldn't afford that, her niece insisted on helping her with her payments. One option was to sell the old house, which is now mostly inhabited, but Julie refuses. She hopes to some day move back in there, and spend the rest of her life in the house that was such a wonderful home to her when she needed it most.

Benjamin Matthews

Not really being the social kinda person, Julie's never had many friends, or close ones. However, when she met Ben Matthews during a work mission some years back, in 2167, she found a friend she hadn't known she was looking for. Captain Matthews, who was her boss during that mission, immediately made a good first impression by being the only guy that didn't blatantly attempt to hit on her. She appreciated his easy-going, friendly tone, and felt more comfortable around him than anyone else. After the mission was complete, they stayed in touch, meeting up every now and then when they could spare some time. Gradually, Ben became the closest thing to a best friend Julie's ever had. She is very happy about working with him again now, on The Sparrow, and is very loyal to him and his command. Although she values him highly as a friend and trusts him with her life, she occasionally finds it confusing and difficult to separate between his role as boss and captain, and his role as friend. This has become even more apparent during the last few months, where Ben's shown glimpses of sadness and frustration. She desperately wishes there's something she can do to make things better, but has no idea on how to go about this. Her trust has taken a minor blow, after he bailed and left to pick up women while she was having a difficult time.


Rory Callahan

Despite being an obvious flirt, which is typically the type of people Julie dislikes, she has a generally good impression of the fun loving Irish bloke. Having not known him before they started working together on The Sparrow, she was skeptic to him at first. However, she quickly warmed up to his jokes and funny stories, and felt a lot more comfortable with him once she realized where she had him, and understood the nature of his personality. Now that she knows what to expect from him, his flirtatious statements doesn't bother her that much anymore. He still manages to make her blush quite frequently, but she's gradually getting more used to all the crazy things he might say or do. After a few shaky happenings during the last year, where the Irishman occasionally reacted quite strongly and emotionally, Julie's beginning to realize he might just have some feelings hidden in there, after all, and that there might be more to him than just crude jokes, drinking and carousing. She likes this.


With troubles, worries and challenges piling up on her, Julie finally decided on leaving the ship, to return to Sweden and look after both her mother and her old aunt. Even though mummy dearest's guilt trip was below the belt, she did have a point; there was no telling how much longer old Anna Maria would have left. Julie's reasons for leaving were multiple, although she only let on some of them. Partly because she began worrying about her aunt. Partly because of guilt towards her mother. Partly because of shock and sorrow over Gilman's death. And partly because she realized she was developing unprofessional feelings for her captain - a reason she has guarded with her life.


Regression 1

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