Bad Guys

Aram Kargisian (dead) (called himself Arsène Simoard)
"Big bad" in the group of terrorist passengers from Nusku to Dingir. Charismatic and highly intelligent, behaving largely domineering and perverted towards his "fiancée". Spoke only French.

Decaudan (dead)
The real brains behind Simoard's operation. This guy was an expert bomber and a crazy person, ultimately flipping his lid as Rory shot Simoard to defend Ben's life. Decaudan took Julie hostage and managed to get himself killed by Vilani guards. Spoke English and French, and probably other languages.

Nikki Hauch (dead)
Simoards super smart, horribly oppressed girlfriend. Took her own life when Simoard died from a gun shot to the gut. Spoke German, French, and English - and probably other languages.

Dean Rook (dead)
Tried to rape Julie in the engine room, but got beaten to a pulp by Steven Gilman before he could complete the act. He was then killed by Nikki Hauch as revenge for raping her previously. He was the brawn of the operation - an unpleasant misogynist. Spoke English.

Ringstad (dead)
religious nutcase and terrorist who tried to blow up the terraforming device on Inferno. Killed by Ben and Julie.

(That's right. All bad guys will die. Mess not with the crew of The Sparrow, we be lethal!)

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