22 04 09

On a beautiful April 5th The Sparrow leaves its home planet with some passengers and cargo for transport. The mission takes them to the planet Prometheus, where they arrive after one week in jump space, on April 10th. They're greeted by the Scottish deputy administrator Murchison. After withdrawing the 85% to the Free Traders Association (FTA), the total income from the mission lands on 29'200 space monies. After paying the standard starport adm. fee, waste dumping fee, fuel for the jump back to Earth, and setting aside monthly expenses for ship maintenance and food (April), the crew is left with a surplus of 18'490 space monies.

While on Prometheus, they gather some new cargo and passengers to take back with them to Earth. Leaving Prometheus on April 11th, and arriving at the beloved home planet on April 19th. That job gives them a surplus of whopping 42'510 space monies, after withdrawing fees for startport, and FTA.

While on Earth, they're approached by the FTA for an urgent transport of some cargo and passengers. The passengers are four brainy nerds, and the cargo is chemical stuff and equipment for a planet called Inferno, three jumps away. Since the transport is urgent, Ben managed to haggle the price up a bit, leaving them with the sweet total income of 137'400 space monies, after FTA and fuel (for all three jumps). The Sparrow leaves Earth on April 20th, and after a couple of stops on the way, lands on Inferno on May 12th. After paying the landing fee, the surplus goes down to 136'900 space monies - still pretty sweet. In addition, the site manager offers to pay 6000 for them to fly an aircraft with the four professors and the equipment to further south on the planet; an offer Ben, Rory and Julie accepts. However, some of them possibly regrets this some hours later, when the aircraft suddenly starts falling apart, and they plunge dramatically towards the ground. Thanks to Rory's amazing piloting, only two passengers lose their lives; Dr. Zinsou and Bakday-Keun. While Ben and the female scientist, Dr. Orlowicza, are badly wounded, the fourth passenger, Dr. Frayne, as well as Rory and Julie, are more or less alright. After they've crash landed on the ground, gotten out of the burning plane, Julie provides first aid to Dr. Orlowicza and Ben, before the survivors starts chopping their way through the jungle, praying they'll make it in time before Dr. Orlowicza bleeds to death. They keep a slow pace for about 8 hours, before attempting some rest during the night. After a few hours, a smaller group of giant mosquitoes decides to have a fiest, but Rory and Dr. Frayne gives the pesky bugs some good whumping. The following morning they are found by the rescue party, and brought to safety. Julie goes into her post combat shakes during the ride, and is slightly embarrassed when she throws up.

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