15 05 09

The Sparrow leaves Inferno with some business and goes back to Terra. In Z├╝rich the ship is approached by a man who tells Ben and Julie that Simon would like to talk to them on Nusku. The crew gets some business and go there promptly.

Simon tells them that there is a man called Louis Ronson that has defected from Terran Counter-Intelligence. He left with a lot of names and faces, and Simon can't send any of his regular people after him because of that. The guy is also said to be a bit nuts. Ben, Julie, Rory and Thomasz go to the place Ronson was last seen and stake out the man's building and plot a plan to have him bugged and have Julie try to charm him so the guys can capture him. Rory and Julie approach him using fake names.

The improvised plan of beating Ronson unconscious with a rock inside Julies motel rool fails as he is suspicious and doesn't enter the room. Julie, unknowing of Ben's hiding place, reveals him to Ronson, and Ben tries to fool the guy by taking Julie hostage and putting a gun to her head. Ronson, however, knows Julie's real name and reveals this fact. Then he sets fire to the room seemingly only by using a lighter. This can, perhaps, be scientifically explained, but both Ben, Julie and Rory see strange faces in the flames, which they have a harder time reasoning away. Ronson flees the scene and no one follows him. The local police comes to investigate, but Ben acts all innocent and probably gets the authorities off their backs for now.

The plan is then to have Thomasz go back to the capital and get in touch with Simon, give Simon a report on the transpired events and ask if he knows what this is all about or can tell the gang anything else. As far as the tracking devices go, Ronson is still being tracked as far as the gang knows, and the tracking devices are in the boys' room untouched by the fire.

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