14 03 09

Miss Hauch confesses to Julie that she had been raped by Rook, and Rory manages to get Julie drunk in an attempt to make her spill the beans. Loyal to the female bond, she only does so when the cap'n orders her to do so. Drunk Julie is convinced that Kanashii Shinnurmi is a ninja.

The ship arrives at the planet Dingir, where they are greeted by rather rude vilanis. The executive vilani manager is called Sharikaar. Rory and Julie kills off some waiting hours by going to the beach, and Rory makes sure everybody knows what he got to see during the trip.

Nikki Hauch eventually breaks down, due to some heavy indication and leading questions from the cap'n, and more or less confirms her motivation for killing Rook. The following drama leads to Decaudan revealing himself as the real leader of the group, and takes the dominant role. Gilman is off the hook, but the passengers insists on the cap'n, Rory and Julie to go with them to their destination, using a ground based vehicle. The crew is placed under some kind of house arrest, while awaiting further orders. During their resting hours in their temple-like room, Rory pulls a practical joke on Julie, only succeeding on freaking her out.

The next "day" the crew is asked to join the others in a guarded room, where they're emotionally terrorized to check whether or not they can be trusted. Just as the situation appears to be resolving, Simoard attempts to shoot Ben, causing a massive tumble to follow. Rory shoots Simoard. Miss Hauch goes for the gun, but Rory stops her. Decaudan takes Julie hostage, but she manages to escape using her flexible dexterity - although taking a nasty cut in the head during this. Decaudan is then immediately shot down by the vilani guards. Simoard dies from the injury of Rory's shot, and miss Hauch ultimately kills herself.

The crew leaves the planet the next day, and returns to Nusqku, filing a report to Simon, who strangely seems to know the details of the event already.

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