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The Sparrow and its crew landed in Vilani space and delivered the dangerous cargo to the right (or somehow the wrong) people. Ben accepted "an offer he could not refuse" in order to get some intel from a Vilani lady (the question of whether The Sparrow should make use of the offer themselves is as of yet unsettled).

The Sparrow left to follow the intel: To the Vilani planet Dingir, where the crew of the Roald Amundsen were supposedly held. Here the crew ran into a Terran guy called Mahir(?) from the smuggling ship The Zephyr. The Zephyr had left him there because of some business that had gone south, and he wanted to make his way home. In exchange for the possibility of getting a free ride back to Terra, Mahir got involved with the rescue operation.

Mahir set up a meeting with an anakundu who had authored most of the already attained intel. The anakundu sold the crew two holding locations and a transport route (as well as a method of transport) for 50 000 dollars. The offer was haggled down from 100 000 dollars, perhaps with fatal consequences.

The prisoners were to be transported between two holding locations by train cart on the monorail, lightly guarded so as not to draw attention. Julie crafted a small nuclear device meant to send off an EMP blast and stop the train. It was to be placed on the monorail tracks and set off just as Rory would land the ship in close vicinity and join in the rescue. On the ground would be Julie, with the EMP and bolt cutters for the train doors, Ben with a pistol and a shotgun with lockbreaker rounds, Steven with an assault rifle and tons of bad attitude, and Mahir with a submachine gun. Later, Rory with his pistol.

The EMP blast was a bit too large, so it took out the entire train, derailing it in the process, taking out most of the guards. The crew got the prisoners out, but then local authorities showed up and started shooting. Mahir went down first, and Steven opened return fire, covering Ben, Julie, Rory, and the prisoners in their return to the ship. After getting on board, Rory wanted to go get Steven back, but Steven radioed in telling them that enemies were on their way to the ship and that they should take off and come pick him up in a nearby park area.

Long story short; Steven was left behind and went out in a glaze of glory, so to speak, and the Sparrow out-maneuvered what resistance existed in space and jumped back in the direction of Terran Space.

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