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The next day, our Big Damn Heroes go back to see how Bruno Giordino is doing. They are let in by police guards watching the house and are greeted by Alice, who bids them wait. Bruno is on his way from the hospital. When he arrives, Ben shows him Maria's footage of the tattooed gangster, but Bruno doesn't know what the tattoo means. Maria explains, and Ben asks a few questions about the man who allegedly started the assault by teling Bruno he'd "broken a deal".

The man's name is Valery and he'd approached Bruno earlier about him throwing the boxing match, to which Bruno had said "fuck no". The question remains why Valery then had thought there was a deal to be broken. Bruno has tried calling around to a few people to see if they've been threatened too, and the only person he couldn't get a hold of was JJ Hernandez, one of his trainers/managers. Bruno asks the gang to go over at JJ's house and check on him, since he himself can't go anywhere with his arm in a caste.

The gang borrow a car from Bruno and heads over to JJ's house. Megan finds the door ajar, and Ben decides they should go in. Rory goes to check behind the house, and sees through the window that the living room is in complete disarray. In the hallway Ben and Megan notice the obvious holes in the walls, looking like something has been thrown at the walls with great force. The living room is indeed in complete disarray, and Ben spots a pair of feet behind some furniture. Whe he goes to look, it's obviously JJ himself, head bashed in, in a pool of his own blood. A little further off lies his wife, who has been bleeding both from the head and most likely somewhere below the belt. Ben uses Maria's camera again to take pictures of the room in case they can't come back and have missed something. Rory comes in, but leaves again to call the police while Megan calls Bruno to let him know. Ben picks up JJ's cell phone and takes a picture of his call log - there's a number there with no name attached, that's been called several times. He wipes the phone, puts it back, and goes outside just before the police arrive.

The gang talks to the police and give statements, omitting the facts that Ben touched the phone and took pictures, and saying nothing about the possible connection to Russian mafia. They are then asked to come down to the station to give written statements. On their way there they find a name to go with JJ's mystery number - Amelia Claredge. A little picking about reveals that she is a 17-year-old girl. At the station they say nothing of this to the police. Megan is arrested for the charges pressed by Switzerland and will be transported there for a hearing. Turns out she wasn't charged with the drug possession, but with not showing up for that hearing eight years ago. Rory stays with her until she is transported away, while Ben and Maria go back to Bruno.

Bruno is of course devastated by JJ's death. Ben and Maria discuss possible courses of action with him, and Alice talks Maria into talking with this Valery to see what this "deal" allegedly was about. Ben mentions Amelia Claredge to Bruno, who says he doesn't know her, but unconsciously reveals that he might know what the deal is with her. Rory shows up, and the gang gets to borrow another car to conduct their business. While on their way to the hotel Ben calls up Bruno and asks him more privately about Amelia. Bruno says that she most probably is JJ's newest mistress, that he liked them young, but that his extramarital teen relationships were always consentual. He begs them not to ruin JJ's (and ultimately his own) reputation by revealing this to anyone. Ben agrees, and decides to visit Amelia to check if she knows anything about any threats against JJ, or of any criminal connections.

Ben intervews Amelia by posing as a survey worker for the Department of Sexual Health. When she at last catches on to him, he reveals himself as a "friend of JJ's", reassures her that he's not there to hurt her, and tells her JJ's dead before he asks her if she knows anything about any threats or criminal connections. She says someone knew about their relationship and that JJ told her she was better off not knowing. This might mean there was blackmail involved.

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