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Megan has got an invitation for a huge boxing match (and the press conference that precedes the match) in New York and asks Rory, Ben and Maria if they want to go. Ben agrees they could use a break, and the four of them leave for New York. Ben looks up his mother while the rest of the guys go touristy. It turns out Ben's youngest brother Jordan is home (and really into boxing) so Megan agrees to get him into the press conference that evening. Ben's mother Jane pesters him a little about maybe trying to marry again and get some grandkids, but she quits after a while, seeing as that's a sore spot with Ben.

As it turns out, Megan previously dated one of the boxers, the standing champ Bruno Giordino. Rory gets prickly when he realises this, but calms down a little bit when he sees that Giordino is married to the gorgeous supermodel known only as Alice, who even outshines Megan. Jordan acts the fanboy all evening. Giordino sits down with the gang and they chat, and even though the topic comes up, Ben mostly avoids talking about his previous marriages.

After the press conference they go pubbing. Maria gets bored with the pub where they're showing a rugby match between Ireland and Belgium, and the gang are eventually thrown out by the barkeep after Rory and Jordan have a drunken wrestling match on the floor. Outside Jordan talks to some airhead chicks in their 20's and they decide to go to a club. Jordan talks the girls in past the doormen. Inside, Maria strips down to her bra and skirt, and gives her bag of clothes to Rory to watch while she goes dancing. Rory and Megan get stuck in a secluded corner doing the drunken guilt-talk while Ben leaves with the smartest of the airheads.

The next morning Maria is the only one in ship shape. She brings breakfast for the guys in the hotel and there is a certain "oh god what did I say last night" strain between Rory and Megan. Ben wakes up in a dorm and finds a note with the way out and a phone number. Little else happens that day, and they all meet for dinner at Jane's house before going to the boxing match. Jordan also has a ticket, but he won't be getting the great seats that Giordino got for Megan and her friends.

The match is exciting, and Giordino ends up winning. The gang go to congratulate him backstage and are invited to a celebration at his house the same night. They go pubbing in the meantime, but show up at Giordino's house around midnight. He's not there yet himself, but there's an open bar and lots of his old boxing friends are there. When he finally arrives, some people come up to talk to him. There are more and more of them, and a brawl breaks out. Rory alerts the boxing guys and the gang go down to the street to help. Maria takes out her camera and films the event. Jordan and Rory go all out fighting, while Ben concentrates on distracting some people away from Giordino's wife. Rory's ribs are cracked in the process, and Ben gets a punch in the face. Maria tazers a guy, who just flops to the ground like a dead fish. The assailants flee, but only after having broken Giordino's arm. They all speak Russian, and Maria has captured on film the fact that one of them has a Russian mafia tattoo on his hand. Ben gains Alice's trust and asks her a few questions, but not much comes of it.

The gang deftly avoids the police and calls it a night. The next day they agree to talk to Giordino to find out what's going on.

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