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The crew comes back to Earth, where Ben and Rory are approached by their old boss, Gilbert Mansfield. The aging alcoholic is being promoted to admiral, and wants all his current and former men to attend the ceremony and following party. Julie is also encouraged to come, as Ben's date.

During the week before the ceremony, most crew members goes off to visit their designated family and friends. Ben goes to New York to visit his mum, Rory heads off to Ireland to carouse with his family and sleep with his second cousins, and Julie brings Kanashii with her to Stockholm. Here she visits her mother and great aunt, and Kanashii designs a dress for her to wear at the ceremony. When Rory comes to pick up the girls, he also picks up to other girls, Anna and Karin, to bring as his dates. Kanashii is let off in London, and the remaining flight to Arizona is a small nightmare for Julie, while a total score for Rory.

Rory, in a shining moment of evil, dumps his two Swedish bimbos just before the party, due to them dressing slutty. Instead he starts brawls by hitting on other guys' dates. Julie gets hit on by an old lesbian military friend of Ben and Rory. Encouraged by the boys to stay longer and drink more, Julie gets rather slushed, and ends up getting a lesbian lap dance, as well as doing tequila body shots and tequila snowballs. The party ends after that, as the boys concludes that "nothing can top this."

The following morning is one of huge embarrassment to Julie, who chooses to go straight home to Stockholm and stay there until the crew is getting a new mission and leaving again. Ben and Rory appears to be less angsty.

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